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Unsure of who you will vote for?  Check out this video and see why we are best suited to lead on day one!


Since 2005, Brandon has been an advocate of parent voice in education.  He's successfully advocated for Safe Passage legislation, ensured schools had funding in their budgets to hand deliver meals to families in need during the height of the pandemic, and has developed systems to improve parent teacher collaboration in both DC Public Schools and in the charter sector. If elected, Brandon will continue to fight to improve equitable access to high quality education, while championing family and community engagement that informs families of policies that impact our children's education and provides them with the resources to do something about it.

As a veteran 18 year educator and administrator, Brandon is the only candidate in this race with policy and district level engagement experience, which is important because the mission of the State Board of Education is to provide policy leadership, support, advocacy, and oversight of public education by way of engaging families, communities and leaders.  This is the work Brandon has been doing for nearly a decade.

Our students deserve the best, and so do our schools! 


Join us on November 8th and vote for the only candidate qualified to take the lead on day one!

“I’m running to provide a stronger, more responsive public education for Ward 6 students and families. I believe we can build the schools that bring more relevant, exciting and meaningful academics and extracurriculars to our schools; while ensuring our buildings are working, students can safely get to and from school, and families are informed about the policies that impact their children."

Brandon Best

Ward 6, DC State Board of Education | Candidate

18 Year Veteran Educator and Leader





Experience Everything Learning Can Be

  • I believe that all DCPS and charter school students should experience the rigorous, fun academic offerings and experiences that private school students already receive, including creating more relevant in-school courses, like STEM and coding; expanding dual enrollment opportunities for high school students; and providing access to better, more equitable out-of-school experiences.

Safely Get To And From School

  • Every Ward 6 student deserves to get to and from school safely and their families deserve to have peace of mind that their children are safe as they walk, bike, scoot, or take public transportation to and from school. Too many children have been hurt by the violence, too-fast drivers, and unsafe road conditions. As your representative, I’ll build on the city's efforts to ensure the safety of students as they travel to and from schools, including hearing directly from students and families on unsafe conditions, assessing traffic patterns near pick up and drop off points, and establishing more safe passage routes.


Learn In A Working State-Of-The-Art Building

  • Ward 6 students deserve to learn in state-of-the-art buildings where technology and infrastructure work. As your representative, I'll leverage my position and relationships to amplify the voices of our community, to ensure the Department of General Services (DGS) installs, repairs, and monitors our buildings, and ensure that all students who need appropriate accommodations, have them.

Real Family And Teacher Engagement

  • I’ve spent my career focusing on increasing real, collaborative engagement. I know that listening, learning, engaging, and collaborating is the key to building partnerships. As your representative, I'll include family and teacher voices in the State Board of Education and establish Teacher and Family representatives, mirroring the Student representatives that already support the State Board. 




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